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Saturday, September 07, 2013

my acne story

salam alaikum..

so, dh lama sgt biar blog ni bersawang and with all respect it is due to x bayar broadband. I was broke, but yeahh now alhamdulillah walaupun belum bergelar orang kaya baru..

couple hours ago, i was thinking of ape nk update huh? byk sgt. tp mcm tu lah, dok ber brownian motion dlm kepala tp x terluah dijari..

nk tulis psl ramadan,
psl syawal,
psl arwah Imanuddin,
psl weds kak nisah,
psl jubah baru,
psl kejatuhan pointer,
psl the king,
psl kne sekat daftar kos,
psl nk start sem baru..

rindu youtube, checking on G Dragon new song Coup D'etat and VI comeback, 

then i saw a video
"Foundation Makeup Routine for Acne"

i am someone with acne like since forever.. and yup, i am someone who wore a heavy makeup utk tutup segala acne.. makeup addict, makdatin or whatever org nk ckp: persetankan sume tu..

sy takut nk kluar jumpa org with a bare face, malu dgn acne!

after i finished my foundation, i mean my matriculation college, i had a f***ing severe acne both on my face and my body. 
so, i went consulting with a dermatologist at a klinik kulit here in parit buntar. i was prescribed with antibiotics, cream and shower foam which does not produce foam sgt pon.. i still remember the mole green pills which has to be taken daily while taking the meal. i had the side effects, which is nausea and vomiting. walaupon it is a rare thing to be getting the side effects. the pills cost RM1 per pill. bermakna i spent 90 ringgit malaysia only on the pills as they had to be taken for 3 months nonstop. mase tu, rasa bersalah sgt dgn ayah. he spent more than RM300 utk ubati masalah acne his only daughter nih... T.T

yes, it was a success.. i turned into an acne-less girl.

but then, a few months after i stopped the medication simply because of the 3 months of pills ends.. i was on the urge of finals, i got stressed up, tido lambat, jadi burung hantu: malam brjaga siang tido.. the nightmare happens AGAIN! the perhaps hidden acne got hyped up and i became BEPOP's lil sis.

again, i took the medication again but this time only for a month. it lessened. alhamdulillah.

mengharap panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan tatkala mentari mencacak.
upon ending up my 3rd semester, i bacame BEPOP's sister again..

these pictures are real, non of them were edited.

tiap2 hari, termanggu depan cermin, crying due to the pain. the pain that came from the acne itself and pain of being OOOOUGHLY.. tried so many method, clinically to kampungly..

say it, name it.. semua dh buat..
ibu told me to use BioOil utk kurangkan the marks, the parut..
miraculously, the acne pon dh x hyped up sgt.. plus i took the antibiotics too..

so, back to the youtube video.. there is this video diary of  Elaine Mokk. she who suffers the same problem just like me.. when antibiotics does not work up on you, there is this another stronger medication named Accutane. buleh google nnt.. the side effects were much greater than antibiotics..

dan sebab this Elaine lah sy berani tulis this shamefull entry.. which is a confession of an "antibiotics addict". she was bold enough to shows people her bare face.. tapi  x yah nk malu sgt lah zeghahh, even artis korea pon telan jugop ubat ni.. for instance YongHwa of CNBlue..

alhamdulillah, syukur ya Rabbi.. i am getting better day by day..
the same shawl, from jordan but made in china

utk yg suffer an acne problem just like me, do sacrifice a bit of your money.. antibiotics for acne blh beli kt pharmacy up to 60sen per pill.. acne is a common problem for youth di negara yg panas lembab mcm malaysia.. our skin easily goes oily and acne arose. 

sorok muke dlm peti ais sbb malu, wassalam..